How to Deal with a Breakup during Quarantine?

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Riya Mathur

19 April 2020

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How to Deal with a Breakup during Quarantine?

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Dealing with a breakup by itself is so difficult.

What does one do when it happens right in the middle of a Pandemic?

Breakups are a part of life, everyone told us that.

How to deal with them, let alone in a situation where you’re quarantined is a something no one informed you about.

Breakups teach you a lot. But it is only when you’re done dealing with your own emotions that you truly realise the lessons learnt.

Ideally, there can be two reasons for a breakup in this situation.

The deteriorating mental health due to the pandemic which in turn leads to communication issues, or, other personal reasons or prior issues leading to a breakup.

In both situations, it becomes extremely difficult for one to understand and analyse what is going on, especially when you’re quarantined.

Breakups can make every day feel worse and even the tiniest of things can trigger your feelings.

However, a few things that one can do to deal with a breakup during quarantine are:

1. Addressing one's emotions and feelings

When there is so much going around us, we should make sure there isn’t so much going on within us. We should be in harmony with ourselves and our emotions.

Suppressing one's emotions is never a good idea. The best thing to do, especially right after the end, is to lean into your anguish.

It is important to face one's emotions head-on in order to get over them.

Better late than never, which is what will eventually happen if we continue to bottle them up.

2. Closure

Getting closure is an important aspect, after every breakup. Whether it may be a relationship or friendship. It is human tendency to seek closure.

In times like these when one can’t physically meet the other person, or can’t expect closure from them, one should realise that letting go doesn’t always require closure from the other individual.

The closure comes from within.

Understanding why the relationship failed could have positive effects on future relationships. But 'letting go' always happens from within. Working on facing all your triggers can help to let go.

It might be painful at first, but, as and when one starts associating new things with those specific triggers, they start to let go.

3. Consciously distract yourself

Seeking a new interest can always be helpful. With all this time on your hand, dedicate and devote it to something that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t work on.

When you do something that interests you, it makes you feel good about yourself and keeps you out of negative or self-deprecating thoughts.

4. Schedule your day

Make a new routine. When stuck in quarantine, it is very difficult to follow a routine.

After a breakup, our regular schedule feels empty without the person being in it.

Which is why one needs to go ahead and make a new one.

Align with yourself, align with your feelings. Keep this schedule more focused on yourself, where you keep some time out for workout and meditation.

5. Find your tribe

Spend more time with your friends and family.

One of the best ways to deal with a breakup and your emotions is to reach out to your friends and family that uplift you.

Quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your friends. Organise a video call meet with your group, every evening. You can even organise a Netflix Party since Netflix now allows this feature. Chat and play simple party games remotely using Houseparty.

6. Movie Therapy

Binge-watch post-breakup movies or a TV series to help cheer your mood.

Some of them could be:

  • The Lobster

  • The Break-Up

  • Sex and the City

  • Dear Zindagi

  • Blue Valentine

  • Friends

  • How to Get Away with Murder ( not to be implemented )

7. Renew

Spend more time with yourself. Maintain a journal. Write down your thoughts if you don’t feel like talking about them to someone.

This can help in feeling a lot better and in sync with yourself.

You can also use this journal to maintain your weekly schedule.

Make a list of challenges for the month ahead and focus on completing each day. This will keep you engaged and make you feel content.

You must take time to reflect on your identity once again, now that it is separate from another person.

8. Self-Care is important

Whether your breakup is one-sided or mutual, ending a relationship is never an easy process.

Taking care of your mental health in a situation like this, in addition to taking care of it during the quarantine, is extremely important.

Being physically and socially active, along with processing the new situation, is something that will help you.

Start following a self-care routine. Make a list of all the things that you’re grateful for, a scrapbook of all your favourite pictures or even going through old photos with your family and friends ( not your ex ) is something that will cheer you up.

9. Using the quarantine to your advantage

Being at home, quarantined, can also work positively if a little optimism is maintained. Keep some time aside to meditate.

Even taking the time to clean your room and reorganize your space could be great in helping you feel like you’re turning a new chapter in your life.

Reading the book ‘Secret’ can also help as it is based on the Law of Attraction and talks a lot about attracting all the good in your life.

10. Therapy is for everyone

Seek professional help. Seeking help doesn’t always have to mean physical interaction.

Now&Me has numbers of professionals on their website that provide help. Besides that, it also is a platform to talk anonymously to likeminded people to seek help.

Hearing someone else's breakup story can help the same way that watching a breakup movie helps us.

Remember, change is the only constant and no situation remains the same. Also, remember that most people go through a breakup at least once in their lifetime, so you're not alone and certainly not the only one. You might just come out stronger from this.

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