How Toxic Relationships Ruin You And 7 Ways To Get Out

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Saakshi Jain

13 May 2022

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How Toxic Relationships Ruin You And 7 Ways To Get Out

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Toxic relationships are always tricky to deal with.

You may think that I’m stating the obvious, but it is a truth that is quite understated. People in toxic relationships aren’t aware of the red flags until too late. Toxicity creeps up on you slowly till you are unsure about how you got in the situation in the first place. There are, of course, major red flags for every relationship like physical or verbal abuse, overstepping boundaries, etc. Still, it is also important to be aware of the more subtle signs of toxic relationships.

There are some characteristics to keep in mind when trying to identify toxic relationships. When you are in a toxic relationship, you start viewing things in a negative light. Your life starts spiralling into a negative space, and it becomes difficult to find happiness. It is also very common to begin questioning your beliefs and memory. Gaslighting plays tricks on your mind until you are unsure of what is real and what is fake. Of course, even the most minimal signs of toxicity in relationships leave a long-lasting effect. The signs of a toxic relationship in your life may look completely different; it doesn’t make it less valid. A good rule of thumb is to remember if any relationship feels restrictive or constantly violates your boundaries: it is toxic.

Toxic relationships can be romantic, platonic, or familial relationships; even workplace dynamics can turn toxic. It can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate how to get around them. Here is a list of 7 things you can do to get the help you require.

Some Steps You Can Take If Your Relationship Is Turning Toxic

7 ways to get out of a toxic relationship

1. Look Past The Fantasy

It is easier to live in a fantasy when talking about toxic relationships. “Oh, it’s just that one time,” “It will definitely get better,” and “They promised they would change”; these statements are quite commonly used when speaking about toxic and/or abusive partners. Not falling for the same lies and false promises is an important step in trying to get past the haze that the relationship has you in. It also helps you in trying to find a support system for when you choose to leave.

2. Confront The Truth

Accepting that you are in a toxic relationship is the first step in leaving toxic relationships. It could be telling the truth to your support system or even just admitting to yourself that things aren’t great. Acceptance isn’t easy, and it takes time to get there. Even once you reach that point, it is a difficult road ahead, but confronting the truth gives you back some of the power you might have lost in the exchange.

3. Make A Record Of Things

Keeping a detailed record of things is beneficial when planning your exit from a toxic relationship. Being gaslit in a relationship will make you doubt your sanity and also make you question your reality. Having a record of things can be helpful when you want to review what exactly went down. It can also save you from manipulation and be used as evidence if required.

4. Understand Your Emotions

Understanding your emotions is key in building up the courage to leave toxic relationships. Toxic people often downplay your emotions and make it seem like you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Understanding your emotions is the key to avoiding gaslighting. Being aware of your emotions processes is very helpful when you are trying to build the bravery to take the next step.

5. Understand Why You Aren’t Leaving

Toxic relationships keep you in a negative loop wherein you find it hard to look at a world outside the relationship. All other mediums of human interaction and support seem invisible. Making a choice to leave can be difficult, and it is certainly an uphill battle, but understanding what is holding you back will take you a long way ahead. Confronting your fears about the end of a relationship is an important step, and understanding your emotions about it will benefit you further down the line.

6. Make A Decision

Deciding the whens, hows, and whys of leaving is a long and hard process. Not leaving is also a decision that you are consciously making. Making the final decision to leave is critical in your journey towards healing and self-love. Whatever you choose, it should come from a place of independence and not manipulation. You need to understand that even if you choose to stay because your current situation does not permit you to get out, that is still a portrayal of strength. Make your decisions based on what option offers you maximum security and peace of mind.

7. Look Out For Yourself

The only guarantee that is assured when in a toxic relationship is the fact that they will look after no one. You need to have people in your corner who look out for you. One of those people also needs to be you. You are the only person who knows the intimate details and dynamic structures of your relationship. There is nobody better than yourself to take down the mammoth that is your toxic relationship. Stop making excuses for the other party. Understand that you need to be on your own team.

Talk About Toxic Relationships On Now&Me

If your relationship makes you feel that you’re not in the best place in your life, then that is not a relationship worth having. Most relationships have ups and downs, but healthy relationships don’t make you question your self-worth. Understanding your worth can take a long time, but it shouldn’t hold you back from trying to make your life better.

There is help available for everyone. Please reach out and do what is best for you. Asking for help does not make you weak. Talking to people who have had similar experiences and have successfully escaped toxic relationships is also a powerful resource. Our community at Now&Me is always willing to lend an ear or even a shoulder to cry on.

Getting help from professionals is also a great way to process and rebuild your life after what is undoubtedly a difficult time. Therapy&Me makes therapy accessible to you in an environment where you feel safe.

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