10 Ultimate List of Self Help Podcasts You Should LIisten To in 2023

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Hansa Pandey

29 November 2023

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What are the things that first come to your mind when you hear the word self-improvement? Starting your day by waking up 10 minutes before your usual time, exercising at least for 10 minutes, meditating for 5 minutes and acknowledging all kinds of feelings instead of sweeping them under the rug of positivity. Although all of these forms are a part of self-improvement, there is more to it.

Self improvement is a gradual process of becoming the best version of ourselves and unlearning unnecessary things or patterns which no longer is helping in creating our dream life. While going through the process from caterpillar to butterfly, one needs to have immense patience, self-love, self-care and discipline so that they can reach their destination. It is not an overnight process but with baby steps along with consistency in the right direction it can lead to something magical.

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How Does Listening to a Self-Improvement Podcast help?

how do self improvement podcasts work

Podcasts act like a map or guru when you are walking on the path of self improvement. It gives us a new perspective, helps us to recognize ourselves more deeply and most importantly tells us from where to begin. If we listen to them on a daily basis, everyday we can learn something new and can implement those new learnings to improve our circumstances or relationships with others. Get on a journey of knowing yourself with the best self help podcasts.

Here Are 10 Best Self-Improvement Podcasts On Spotify That Can Change You Forever

self improvement podcasts

1. Beyond The To-Do list by Erik Fisher

Do you feel like you are juggling many things at one time and unable to accomplish your goals? Then this self-help podcast is for you. The host Erik Fisher focuses on how one can strike a holistic balance in both professional and personal lives with productivity. He invites experts to his show and discusses practical solutions or strategies which can help in enhancing productivity in day-to-day life tasks.

2. Tiny Leaps, Big changes by Gregg Clunis

Our human mind is not naturally wired to bear the discomfort. It needs instant gratification from every action and doesn't understand the concept of obtaining big goals by taking small actions. So, if you are on the path of self-improvement and your brain is constantly pushing you off the track, then Tiny Leaps, Big Changes will support you to attain those aims. Host Gregg Clunis will assist you in achieving your goals by encouraging you to take baby steps rather than thinking with practical techniques and also will teach you how to stay patient throughout the journey of self-transformation.

3. The Habit Coach by Doctor Ashdin

There is a famous saying that "You don't decide your future. You decide your habits, and your habits decide your future." Every person has some bad habits which in one or another way affect every aspect of life. Ashdin Doctor shares the best of his knowledge with his listeners in just a few minutes on how to form healthy habits from health to relationships. If you are looking forward to inculcating life-changing habits, then do check out his podcast.

4. How To Fail with Elizabeth

We live in a society where everybody is with us when we are winning, achieving, earning and growing. But nobody stands with us when we are failing, losing and struggling. People don't know how to love themselves for their failures; therefore, Elizabeth's podcast helps people to praise their failures and learn from them. Every week a new person shares his or her stories of failures and what they have learned from them. The stories will help you to indulge in self-love and self-care for yourself while going through a rough period.

5. The Minimalist by Joshua Fields, Ryan Nicodemus

We all naturally think that we all want an endless number of clothes, shoes, furniture, kitchen utensils, decorative items etc., for a great living. But Joshua and Ryan shatter all these conventional notions and give a new perspective to their audience on how we can create a purposeful life with less stuff. If you are struggling with junk in your house and don't know how to manage it, then do check out their work.

6. Oprah's Super Soul

Oprah is one of the biggest celebrities of this century, and her podcast is the best podcast on Spotify for self-improvement. Her show helps people to connect with themselves at a deeper level and awaken their spiritual powers. Ego, forgiveness, kindness, love and care are some of the major themes which Oprah discusses with spiritual people like Eckhart Tolle, best-selling authors and fitness coaches. The experts on her show help the audience to find their true life purpose.

7. Self Healers Soundboard by Dr.Nicole Lepera

Dr Nicole Lepera is a holistic psychologist who helps individuals to recognize the self-sabotaging patterns or behaviours which people adopt during their upbringing in chaotic homes with emotionally unavailable parents. She guides her audience on how to break the generational traumas and heal the nervous system by getting off the survival mode and coming back to our bodies in a holistic way. She is also the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller "How To Do The Work."

8. Love Life with Matthew Hussey

In the Era of modern times, where people are trying to find love through their smartphones by swiping left and right, Matthew Hussey, a dating coach, provides genuine dating tips for ladies on how to recognize the actual identity of men. He helps his female audience to find out the true intentions of the men and how to deal with them. Although his dating advice is only for women, men can also check out his self-help podcast so that they can have an idea of what not to do with their dates.

9. Teal Swan

While growing up, we put layers on our real selves in order to fulfil our basic needs of being seen, heard and accepted by our primary caregivers, parents and society. In this process, we forget our authenticity and start wearing layers according to situations. If you are someone who is on the quest of finding your real self, then you must check out her podcast, especially her YouTube videos. She will help you to find your true authentic self by removing the layers of illusion that we are carrying from childhood.

10. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

The author of the bestselling book 'Think Like A Monk' is also the host of the #1 podcast on Spotify. In his podcast, he boosts individuals' confidence to overcome life miseries and restart with a fresh chapter by forgiving ourselves for past mistakes. His wisdom aims to strengthen the weak by teaching them how to live every moment of life with utmost joy.

Overall, you do have the capability to get better and start a journey of healing with these self improvement podcasts.

Tell us your favourite podcasts for self improvement that are available on Spotify.

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To begin your self-improvement podcast journey, start by identifying your specific goals or areas of improvement that you want to focus on. Choose a podcast that aligns with your interests and needs, and make sure to allocate dedicated time for listening and reflecting on the content.

A self-improvement podcast is an audio program that provides guidance, tips, and insights on various topics related to personal growth, self-care, mental health, wellness, and other areas of self-improvement. It may feature interviews with experts, discussions on relevant topics, and practical advice.

There are several self-care podcasts available that cater to different interests and needs. Some popular options include podcasts on mindfulness and meditation, emotional intelligence, physical health and fitness, self-compassion, productivity and time management, and self-care for specific populations such as parents or entrepreneurs.

People listen to self-help podcasts for various reasons such as seeking guidance and inspiration for personal growth, learning practical strategies for self-improvement, gaining insights into mental health and wellness, finding motivation and encouragement, and connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and struggles.

Self-improvement podcasts can be found on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and many others. They are easily accessible and can be listened to on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply search for self-improvement or self-help podcasts on your preferred podcast platform, and you'll find a plethora of options to choose from.

People listen to self-help podcasts for various reasons such as seeking inspiration, guidance, and motivation. Some people listen to self-help podcasts to learn new skills, gain insights, and perspectives on how to tackle personal or professional challenges. Others listen to self-help podcasts to improve their mental health and overall well-being by learning effective strategies for stress management, anxiety, and depression.

It depends on factors such as your level of engagement, the specific content of the podcasts, and the consistency with which they apply the strategies in your daily life. It is important to create a routine that works for you and fits into your schedule, whether it's listening to a podcast once a week or multiple times a week, to fully absorb the information and apply it to your life.

Some popular self-improvement podcast topics include mindfulness and meditation, personal development and growth, mental health and wellness, relationships and communication, productivity and time management, and goal setting and achievement.

While self-help podcasts can be a valuable resource for personal growth and self-improvement, they are not a substitute for therapy or professional help. These can provide general guidance and strategies, but they may not address specific individual needs or concerns. If you are experiencing mental health issues or require professional support, it is important to seek the guidance of a qualified therapist or mental health professional.

Yes, self-improvement podcasts can help with career advancement and job satisfaction. Many self-improvement podcasts offer insights and strategies related to career development, including improving communication skills, setting and achieving career goals, enhancing leadership skills, managing work-life balance, and boosting job satisfaction.

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