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You enter with the excitement of the first day,
Excited to meet new people and make or be a part of some “gang”
From which maybe only one or two would stay and other’s would be just in your “followers”
But still these people will contribute something in your life.
Excited to know how the learning experience would be “chill”
Still unknown of how many KTs you are gonna get!
Excited to make the campus, a new home.
And you will make it your new home.
Excited to find “the one”

Then suddenly in a snap, first day turned into months, and months turned into years.
The golden years of life, which will be missed and craved for, throughout the life.
The college ended but there was still so much left to explore!

Now a fade smile drools over your face while you scroll through your Instagram feed
And stumble upon one of your batchmate"s/ “BFF’s” post “#hitched”.
Yes the one who hated monogamy.
And another, “#mydreamcar” achieving the goals as planned
And many more hashtags.

Now you sit behind the gallery of your phone swiping through the old pictures,
While your partner peeks in and asks, “I cannot believe this is you”
A giggle leaves your lips instead of words.


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