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Yesterday… my dad told me I am a total failure …not only that he said I am the reason for their detoriating prestige in front of people… I am just wasting his hard-earned money and efforts…
After he said all these… I was going through psychological problems… these words were echoing in my head… I locked myself in the kitchen and was crying hard… After a while my mom came and as I opened the door. She started beating me hard… Then my dad came and started saying more harsh words… I felt that I was not in this world… My head started hurting and I was unable to breathe.
Then I was unable to get up from the ground… Then My mom somehow managed to take me up and put me on the chair… My mom yelled at my dad to shut his mouth but he said…let her die…

My brother came and somehow this time I managed to survive but still now I am unable to get out of the trauma… It’s hurting a lot…

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Siddhu 🍁 @siddhant24

Dw … one your dad will realize that the words they told is wrong and he will apologise to you … but I can understand what your were going through… see you don’t have take it … just forget the moment and try to improve your work and all and never feel that u r useless… everyone have there speciality and once u found that then u will do best work then anybody so just relax and be happy

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...tired of everything.

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