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Yesterday I had gotten caught smoking and my parents had gotten so mad, which I understand of course. But the thing is even though I was bleeding after my parents had hit me I didn’t cry nor react I had felt nothing, and when I tell you that they hit hard, I mean really hard. They took my door down too and do I care nope, which is sad bc I should care, my actions took everything away from me, I have no one to blame but my dumb disappointing self.

Post anonymously?

I did the same thing. Smoking helps numb the pain. Do they know how your really feeling?


no lol, i’m hispanic so of course they don’t understand :(

oh lol… im sorry tho thats terrible


aww it’s ok

No its not ok love :( You should not be hit so hard your bleeding. You deserve love and respect. And im so so sorry your parents arent giving that to you