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Wth is wrong with my mother, we ask to do stuff with her and she doesn’t want to and doesn’t care about our feelings
We do stuff with our dad and she’s instantly upset and when we drive home to get her she wants nothing to do with us. She doesn’t care. She never cares unless it’s convient to her. I’m thinking about commuting because I’m sick of being treated like trash. Maybe that will teacher her to pay attention to my siblings.

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We’re both dealing with the effects of a narcissistic mother. A mother who has no issues using emotional outbursts to control and manipulate who she pleases yet when her children show any type of emotion she invalidates them completely. I feel for you it’s hard dealing with a narcissist, even more so when it’s someone you love dearly but you know it’s a toxic situation to stay in. The only way to deal with these people is to cut them out of your life for good.


I can’t cut her out of my life. But I just try to live around her, my dad is just living around her too along with my family. One day she smiling and the next she’s getting pissed about something that happened and takes it out on her kids and saying hurtful things she’s not sorry for. It hurts but I’ve gotta live with it. But I hope your situation gets better too. 🙏🏽


If youre thinking about commuting then, I really think it’s a good option because sometimes cutting off relations isnt an option you can choose.