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Why people behave such inhumane!!!
My Uncle who is paralysised he needs emotional and physical support but people are supporting him just as their duty… His wife is supports him but she yells at him … his mother and sister are frustrated so they yell at him because of financial problem!!! He feels so helpless he cries from inside I can literally feel it but can’t help it… I tried to explain everyone but they aren’t ready to listen …
They aren’t even bothered about his condition he has undergone critical brain surgeries how will he earn how fool of you that you are explaining him financial crisis after critical surgeries!!!
He tried to call his clients but they dropped his call as he couldn’t speak properly I was devastated seeing him like this !!! I can’t even imagine what he must be going through !!!

What should I do I can’t see him like this !!!


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I guess that’s the reason why people rather wants to die than be a burden on someone else. Sometimes listening to someone means a lot. Least you could do is be with him and listen to him, talk to him about so many things and help him all the possible ways you can