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why people around you are so demotivating?
why cant they see other person happy?
why is it too difficult to make someone understand that stop irritating meeee?
why cant I handle myself now?


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Be more assertive and tell people what you want …
stop giving everyone equal importance
Those who deserve your silence don’t feed them with your words and energy


the person who is affecting me is my helper. she 24*7 with me. we generally share a very good bond i can like very good friends but whenever I remind her the work which was left or not done properly she shows her anger to me which is now very much. I always talk to her nicely to make her feel like home. today i am trying to make her taste her own medicine and she is throwing new tantrums. I am already a depressed personality and she knows this very well but instead of understanding she is depressing me more.

i have decided now not to give her my love and attention any more but what about now.