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why is it that you are only known to people when they need you?
they don’t realize who stood with them in their hardest time
but again has the audacity to come to you when they need you
can anyone relate?
and you don’t think like that
you are kind to everyone and you do good to everyone
people don’t realize
and you are the one who is left alone…

Post anonymously?

Definitely relatable and have experienced that multiple times…not only friends or people around us but sometimes family members as well

There are two choices:
1) Let them come back and empower you everytime…Help them and don’t expect anything in return (hard to be like this).
2) Learn how to say “NO”
This is tough but gradually you’ll find its the best decision.
People have the tendency of repeating themselves in whatever they do(if they have done something once there is strong possibility they’ll do it again). It’s YOUR decision to let them repeat things and impact you. It’s okay to give a second chance at times but not for repeating the same mistake. You can keep allowing them making mistakes and hurting or take a stand and save yourself. You can only control yourself and how you function and have no control on others and their behaviour.

I hope the above helps in some way and you feel better 😊
Take care and stay blessed!!