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Why is it that when I think about suicide i feel relieved…like just the end…its sort of nice…idk… I’ve cut myself a few times and it does make u feel better but then I don’t like the scars…I started cutting when I was in a relationship …and the look he gave me when he saw that really hurt me…when he asked me y and I didn’t answer he left…and when he knew I wasn’t going to stop him from coming back then only he came back to ask me y…he was really rough with me that day…all I wanted was a hug and to be told that it’ll be okay…that he’ll stay …that somebody will stay…but I can’t expect someone to suffer just coz of me

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I surely can understand and relate to this my dear this void might be hard for you to fill up i was at your place too i dont know it cant change anything about your situation but dear i want you to embrace someone what you felt with that person and until you dont know the worth and love you deserve and you start giving it to yourself how can you expect someone else to do , my dear we all love you i know whatever i am saying doesn’t make a change but atleast i will say keep on trying , power to u dear .


You have been depressed for long, please see a therapist, try online counseling , see what is the issue. Suicide is just the end result of the disease called depression. Been there, though have not harmed myself. Take a break, disconnect with people who you don’t like or match your vibes, write down your thoughts when you are your most depressed , cry out loud and when you are done with crying then read what you have written , you will surely realise we often think of extremely unlikely scenario when we are depressed.
Hope this helps a bit
But do see a counsellor , that’s the only way .
Hoping for a better life for you.

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