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Why is it so difficult to find love ?

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Because love is rare my dear it is most rare thing ever to get look for love you need to think about your lover or help your love to become better person and selflessly do efforts but in this world mostly peoples do trade on the name of love they use name of love to fullfill there desires and actually for love you also need a strong character because staying with one person is difficult because after some time feelings vanished after that things look difficult and whenever life become difficult weak peoples run away and they are like ice when situations under there control there love is so much strong like ice is strong in cold temperature but when situations become difficult or weather change than ice and weak peoples melt and run down for love you need a person with strong character like a rock which never effected due to weather and stay firm and that the reason love is rare

It’s trust what u looking for
You can find love everywhere


Ummm difficult because you’re finding it.


Love is not meant to find, it is something that you feel, something that you express!

it is tough to find love. I know. but I am also a believer in the fact that when it is the right time, the right person will come along!