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Why is being the bigger person in any type of a situation so hard?


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I dont think being a bigger person is hard. Overthinking makes it hard.
See, there are 2 ways of handling a situation either you go by the what is right in the situation thing or second if there is no right/ wrong then do it if it gives ur loved one happiness. (since you wrote family)
Dont try barter system here, that will make it hard.
Whatever u do, have a reason and if that reason is being fulfilled, stop thinking right there. smile and move on.
Hope it helps.
Also, i read smwhere so just sharing-
“be the reason that people still believe in the goodness”.
take care…:)) hope u find ur peace.

It’s not even about being a bigger person. It’s about following life affirming principles. Power comes from aligning with these principles. Opposing this is self harming. Revisiting negative emotions and beliefs keep us stuck and we attract more of it. Because resistance is experience itself. We don’t resist laughter, humour, and love so it flows through us effortlessly. But we resist suffering so it sticks with us. Letting it go without labelling them as good/bad is the key.

We have the choice to resent someone for a lifetime or we can understand that people who acted in a certain way are limited and it’s so sad being that way. This understanding open up compassion in us for others and ourselves. To understand that we as humans are only guilty of our humanness and there is nothing to forgive in the first place.

Our ego prevents us to chose love over fear and wants to attack those who attack it, because it’s fearful of dying. Our attack thoughts are attacking our invulnerability. Nothing except your thoughts can attack you. Instead if we stop enjoying the pleasure we get out of negativity, we can then move into the levels of courage, neutrality, acceptance, and love which is healing for us and others.

What we attack in others we reinforce in ourself. So it’s wise to love and nurture people’s transgressions in any case. It’s out of compassion that we understand that they are doing the best they can. If they could be better they would have been better already. It helps to see this way when you yourself have hit bottom and lived the life unconscious or unaware people are tormented to by their own creation. They are just being what they are.

Does this make sense? What difficult are you facing with your situation in being a bigger person or being benevolent?