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Why does the heart make a foul outtake me?! My heart and soul is and always as been pure, only open and here to help those that I love and care for, really aucks to have that turn out and stepped on over and over, yea I do control how and who hurts my soul, and I am only responsible for letting those in to destroy it,

Post anonymously?

Hey there!
Just try to focus on you, and think twice before opening up to people!
Love yourself and life teaches you lessons. Don’t think that you are letting people to destroy you, everyone is teaching you something in your life. Take it positively and learn from the past and move on!

It’s bad advice time, yay! I’m kidding, I just don’t know how to help you. But in seriousness, I know how you feel. Being open and loving is a super power, both a strength and a weakness. Be honest. Tell the people that hurt you what they did to you. Let your pain out and start to heal. Don’t let people walk all over you! You seem like Iris in The Holiday, you’re a leading lady but living your life like a side character! You’re so much more and better than that. Try each day to do something a little outside your comfort-zone. Tell me how it goes? If you want, I can try it too so you’re not alone :)

Also, you heart isn’t making a fool outta you. Your heart never lies, but it can get you in trouble! Try writing it all down, it helps me to write poetry (and you’re very poetic!)