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Why does our parents force us so much for maths when we are just simply to bad at that one subject?
Our life’s can be peaceful without this one shit subject
Whenever u tell them that this is hard for us they would just give us excuse like u just don’t practice enough I mean dude just because my parents were pro in maths doesn’t mean I would be to!


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To be honest, Math is considered one of the tough subjects, so thus one who solves like a piece of cake masters ever field (Assumptions)

Just like the thought process of Science > Literally everything else in the Universe.

Honestly i didn’t care much about maths, (Although i loved it, and I am a computer science person, into AI and CPU etcs)

What Math teaches us is finding different perspectives to a problem (Not Math but problem of life as well)

It teaches to utilize our brain little faster, effectively.

Until unless you want to deal with Physics and other Stuff, i dont see a real use of Math. (Not Basic Math though)

I suggest you to take it easy, and learn the formulas and way of solving stuff (Practice makes you perfect)

If you are not able, no worries, but just go for it.

Beside this, dont take your parents in a wrong way, they want you to succeed in life, they are not wrong in there place.

And ofcourse:

Math is one of 100s of subjects, so there is a rule that Math is something that you need to know.

Even i was weak in Math but i am still doing great without it too.

Not to forget basic math with advance.