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Why does everyone ask me to sort the issues? Sometimes I just simply wanna stop everything . Runaway. I don’t want to explain, understand or be matured . People make me feel as though I’m weird to have these thoughts . What do you say?


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I have the same thoughts… we’re not weird bro😌


I hope it true


i say you people around us treat as a suggestion or helping box. when ever or wherever but it s not like that this has be told at early. :)


Hey, I can understand what you might be going through. I go through similar thoughts sometimes.
The entire issue here is, the other person probably does not understand what you are going through or how it feels to be in that position. And so, you must realize this, and not react to them. This is what I did. Just ignore them, or just stay away from them.

Also, I am building a peer support community on discord where I want to make it easy for people to connect with peers directly that can understand their pain and are willing to support them. I am doing this because I have been through times when I found it difficult to find someone to talk to that could understand me and I would prefer if others did not go through it.

If you’re willing to be a part of the community, please join using https://discord.gg/z3njqA2mZX