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Why brothers are like this…?
Why they force you to do things which you don’t want to.?
Why they don’t understand you and yr values.?
And why tf parents always try to hide theirs sons mistakes.???
Why this much partiality…?
I don’t hate my family but I don’t love them either…
It’s just so difficult for me to stay in this house.??


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What they did?


Hi… Don’t think so much… Just avoid that room for some time… Grab a bottle of water. Drink and breath. Go to terrace and have a walk…
If you want to talk. Happy to help.

Hi there.
I usually connect the behaviour of parents and how they treat their sons with misogyny. In their eyes their sons are precious, even more so than their daughter, which is absouloutely false. But don’t let their misogynistic behaviour define your worth. You are stronger than the misogyny this world has to offer.
Stay strong honey💕