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Why a guy want to be in a relationship when the other one telling him that this is not the same feeling we got ,

Though knowing that he is gonna feel lonely even if he tried once and know this… still why wanna get in such a relation…

Even wanna make the other one feel guilty to be in that relationship which is already toxic … I mean without love just because one person wanted other should get in to it… just because other one still single…

Just making things complicated


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Maybe because the guy is not seeing things from this point of view.
You should explain him but then again he wouldn’t understand it right?
Yeah we guys are dumb it’s take some times to understand things.


I explained it for a long time , being frnd… if it’s some time i understand bt after all this like why don’t we get back to the toxic relationship…

I feel bad for you i wish i could’ve known a way to help you.


Thank you

I didn’t helped why you’re wasting your thanks on me?


For understanding me… I know it’s hard sometimes to accept or let urself feel in that way…