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whenever I look at tv shows about love or reading fanfiction about love it makes me wish I was in my breylin arms its makes me feel hurt that guy is dating my breylin its not Fair how come he gets be with breylin not me I am suppose to be the one holding my breylin kissing her touching her cuddling with her not him me she is mine my cuddling teddybear not his whenever I think about breylin not being with me its makes me feel down its like I am not good enough for her I was not handsome enough or she didn’t not like me calling to much she didn’t even give me a chance to show her that I could be a good boyfriend it hurt my feelings when that guy told me to stop calling and text you are being a stocker she didn’t even answer my question sometimes I like being in my bed alone but sometimes I wish I had breylin cuddle next to me in my bed whenever she talks about him on social media it makes me depressed because she loves him and not me

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I know mate, I get it. I hurt every time I think about similar things. But one day true love will come and we may find our soul mates


thank you

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