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When ur husband disrespects u uses abusive language such words which you have never listened before. Plus puts your entire gold on loan aur if you say no then he says that u love all these materialistic things not me. N never earn anything but still drinks sits with me n if u call him to come then he shouts at u n uses wrong language. Being a modern man his thinking is backwards. I being at home, he doubts me ki if someone comes from delivery from amazon or flipkart then he uses to check the time they exit from the gate… So much n alot more things.

N now i left him bcz of all these things then he wants to be with me but doesn’t wish to come himself instead wants me thet I come back on my own. Egoistic! He is to a great extent

Should I stay with him in future or rather leave him?


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I’m so proud of you that you did it for yourself 💕
Now just focusing more on yourself pamper yourself take care of yourself love yourself
See what you can do be independent…try some job
Learn new skills

Be strong
You deserve the best of the best baby ❤️❤️

Well done di more power to you


Don’t be in hurry to decide, How about you give your career a chance and try to be an independent woman?

Lot many things in a relationship get sorted out when you are independent.




and if you think he gonna change so easily, Let me make it clear " He won’t"


I understood this n he made it clear as well he said I won’t change, u have to understand n manage. I can just control my language I will not use any abusive words for you from now on. N ya i have been doing great in my studies n I will soon get a good job. Masters abt to get completed having diploma as well plus doing courses online mode n many internships as well. I never stopped studying even after marriage. After being a mother to a 1 yr child n taking care of the entire house, I spent my nights studying. Bcz I want to make my own identity.


Kudos to you,

Since you already have a child now, getting separated will be the last thought but remember being with the wrong person is also not the way out.

Focus on identity creation and bringing positivity in your life.

Maybe he change for a good or maybe you find a better one, but its a byproduct of you working hard on your career.


Hey don’t lose your respect. Let her come to take you and I think you should not go. Because I think he don’t deserve you. No one have right to abuse you. Please first take some time don’t be in hurry because your life is precious don’t waste it with that person if you are not happy with him. He is keeping eyes that he have trust issues also. If you want to talk we can talk here or somewhere.


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Or you want some other social platform you can tell me.


Leave him