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When my heart feels empty, feel to talk with someone but among lots of known fellows I’m not feel my vibe to tell so i just kept things inside which fills me maybe one day I’ll be habitual of this otherwise just burst✌🏻


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Well I’m dealing with the same issues . You see , I expect the others to notice my feelings and give a shit but the truth is they don’t, they have their problems (big or small) I don’t like to be a burden,so …


So sending u lots of VIRTUAL strength to deal


It’s so sad that you’re having such a hard time right now. Fortunately, even though the pain you’re suffering today feels unique to you, it actually isn’t-

“What has been is what will be,
And what has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.” -Ecclesiastes 1:9

This means that if others in similar or even worse conditions found the help they needed to take control of their lives so can you. Question is, what are you willing to give up to become the very best version of yourself?


I’m trying to avoid this situation and just focus on me vibe … whatever i want to share i just wrote… keep self engage helps alot to survive but I’m living at full or i can say that I’m trying to do … thankuu


Avoiding problems can sometimes make them worse. Why not just face the challenge head on so you can finally move past it?