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Karthikey @blowup

When I started using this app,i didn’t have any idea how this works nor I had any kind of interest in using this platform.I initially thought this is some kind of therapy app where an individual vents about his/her problems and mental trauma.But slowly i started connecting to some amazing people.They all were too good to be here but the connections was so volatile for me that it started switching from one to another and i started helping them with my words and then either they disconnects me or I disconnects them.But then I found someone where I got stuck and this volatile connection became a constant kind of connection.From last 3-4 months,I hardly talk to anyone here but constantly talk to her.I don’t know why but nobody and nothing excites me anymore…only her text is enough.She is not my bff,gf,soulmate and we have not met yet but still talking to her gives me an immense level of peace.This is just an appreciation post for her…Thankyouuuu so much❤️💞

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