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What to do when you already give all effort, energy and time to someone but they don’t want to reciprocated. It means they didn’t treat you how you treat them.

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Leave them and move on

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Nyx @lost_not_found

Time to close the doors

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No problem, sometimes human being
underestimate love, its all right!!
You have fulfilled your job, so now its time to
be there for yourself instead. Just relax and
invest your energy in yourself coz the only
person you will have till the end is you!!

Harshita @numb_bug

I have been through it too, you wouldn’t want to give up and that’s okay, time will tell you why things were happening the way they were, there will come a time when you’ll accept things yourself and they’ll show you how ignorant you were and how obvious they were. Nobody is gonna tell you things you wanna hear right now. So feel all the feels and go with the flow, it will all fall into place.

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