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What should we do when we feel so lonely

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You should talk to someone you are close to and if not you can talk to us🙂

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Archita @archita28

It’s important to embrace even loneliness sometimes I don’t have much friends The key is self Love. We create our own happiness. Be your friend Pick yourself up everytime you fall because Not everytime someone will come and help you do that. I take care of myself If I’m having a bad Then I know what to do I know food is my life and it will help me. I cook yummy food watch a good show. You should also do something which you know will make you happy . Do something that you are passionate about listen to your heart. When you’ll be happy yourself then you’ll attract right people in your life. You will have friends when you start to enjoy your own company in the end we all have ourselves can’t expect people all the time. I hope you find amazing friends I’m here for you and you are sooo strong don’t ever doubt yourself

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