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What should I gift my parents from my first salary any suggestions guys


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It depends on your salary what’s your salary. And you know your mother better then us. So recall all your memories and think what she love the most or what she like.


Gift them something that they love but couldn’t buy because of some reason


It’s very subjective. I guess maybe you could use this trick - Ask her if she gets X amount of money ( the amount you’re willing to spend )as lottery or gift , what will she buy for her personal use.


whatever you give them,they are gonna treasure it!so go with whatever u feel like giving them, if u are confused,may be a beautiful saree for your mom and a classy shirt for your dad or something like couple watches or a washing machine😂


First of all very very congratulations to you for your first salary.
Hope you earn more and gift me something too😂 jk

Okay just spend quality time with them. Just order some food from your salary, some deserts and drinks(soft drinks/juices👀)
Watch comedy movies with them.
Talk with them.
And if you want to gift some thing…
Then give a ‘tie’ to your papa.
For your mummy you can gift her many womenry things - like clothes, makeup products etc.

But yaah, one thing forsure, click a beautiful picture that day. 💜💜💜


No hard & fast rule to gift something to your parents with your first salary. Just hand it to them and they will be happy. Gift the thing which is necessary and when needed. Take care of them, help them, best gift perhaps…

Wow congratulations on your first salary! That’s a great achievement. I think you should gift them something they need. Like for me, my mom doesn’t have great shoes. She keeps using her old ones until they’re torn. Also she doesn’t have a great sandal to wear on traditional clothes. She once wore shoes under saari😂 even tho it was cool I just wanna gift an attractive piece of sandals…with my first salary (when I get it)