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What should be my choice?
My family or my dream.
Their situation or my situation.
Their problems or my depression
I really need to know…i am living a life which is not mine and i am not happy.
I hate being selfish …its gonna cost me so much…i am stuck and the best part …i am alone.


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hey, its okay to put yourself on priority. find your want and wishes and you will definitely find the answer. I was going through the same for some time ago, then I created a picture for both the scenarios in my mind, one life in which I was living for them and another life according to my dreams, I quickly realized in which life I was happy and in which not. so its really up to you to decide. The easiest way to figure this out is to find out in which decision of your life you will feel regret in future when u will look back in your life. If not this then you can start by thinking what you don’t want in your life (l mean instead of finding what you want which increases confusion most of the time for me, I start by eliminating the things that I don’t want in order to reach the conclusion). I know its not that easy to choose but trust yourself the most and believe in your gut/intuition to guide you. and whatever you decide, move ahead with that confidently. I wish you best, and hope you figure this out soon. just remember don’t rush your decision, take as much time as you need to decide coz your future life depends on this decision. I took almost 2 full years to decide how I want to lead my life and I don’t regret it. so don’t feel pressured or rushed to take the decision.