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What memories of us that i love so much
1. When you sat next to me on exam and during the exam i noticed i made a mistake and corrected it. When the result came out, it was so funny that you also do the same. So shame that i correct it, if not you will also know about this.
2. Im happy that you talk to me, i was nervous and also happy when you talk about what you will do in your future and i think you tell this because you are comfortable around me, so do i!!!
3. You also sat next to me again!!! Im happy and nervous
What if…
1. I told my friend that i like you, they will tell you that secret and what will happen?
2. I also say i like you when you confess??
3. I stay longer at school and waiting for you to call me??
4. My phone are okey?? Will you contact me??
5. I text you today?? Will accept it with excitement or displeased?
I miss you, i know we live far from each other, i dont need us to meet each other or call each every single day. I just need you to love me back

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Hi…Thank you for sharing.

You’re so cute and precious.
You deserve all the love.

I hope that person loves you back.
I also hope you know you deserve everything.
You’re kind. You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. You’re gorgeous.
You deserve someone who loves you with all their heart and I hope you find that soon.
Have faith. Believe in yourself.
You’re amazing.

I believe in you.

Loads of love and hug ✨
I’m here for you 💕


Thank youuuu so muchhhh💞💞


I’m here for you✨

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