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“What is you definition of life, philosophically,” I asked my biology teacher, who seemed to be deep about certain topics. Logically, adults tend to have more experiences than we do, so I decided to ask him and see what he thinks. He simply replied, “Philosophically speaking, life is not all about money, it’s more about the experiences you gain throughout your life time.” I thought to myself, “Experiences rather than money? Maybe I’m too young to know.” I just wish that life doesn’t seem like a game at all. Trying to survive or last the longest we can, but it is hard to see life on Earth as heaven. It is too obvious that it seems like we are living in a stimulating world.

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i understand. There is so much that needs to be fixed in this world. Maybe we’ll help it get there :)


The world is a fascinating place with an abundance of unanswered questions floating around people’s minds.