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What if your partner never shares his problem with you???
Should I stay with him and support him or don’t as he never wants to open up about his problem and I have given him his time as well as i did confront him but still he doesn’t want to share and now I don’t know how to support him as I don’t know which thing can trigger his situation

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shshhsj @buntty

Either don’t think much about it n be okay with it or confront him again n tell him it really hurts u n makes u feel not much connected. Explain how being vulnerable will bring u even closer.


I already did all that things and it has been 4 years of our relationship how much more time should I give him and how many more times should I keep my vulnerable sides in front of him

shshhsj @buntty

Have a deep conversation about this like BU level convo. Bcoz what good it is to feel that ur the only one who feels that he’s close to u. But ur not to him?
Ps: I really don’t want y’all to BU on this but that seems the only answer. Pls feel free to do anything u want n ignore my opinion

Vikalp Mishra @vklpm

The answer to it depends on the stage, depth and the type of bond you have. There is no right or wrong answer to it. To warn you, he might be cheating on you emotionally. But at the same time, he may be a tender, soft person who takes time to open up.

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