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What do you do when you feel yourself building walls? It hurts me to the core that I’m slowly accepting that the only way to stop hurting is to build up walls.

Especially from the people who I once opened my heart to. It hurts so much to discover that the people I once thought would hear me out are not listening. They aren’t even understanding where I’m coming from. I feel like they are telling me to not rely on them anymore. That I’m becoming a burden.

Now I’m feeling the need to keep it in, and close my heart instead of letting anyone in. This feeling hurts me so much. I don’t want to shut myself, but I also don’t want to feel hurt anymore.

What do I do?


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Be true to your real nature, I tried this once and i lost my own identity. This nature of yours will help you in future and its your strength too if you are able to realise too.

But haa from next time either engage with people who are like you or build a small wall not a big one thou:)


I would say don’t rely on anyone, its not mandatory to be happy always but your happiness is not their responsibility , its harsh but they are not your therapist! everyone want a happy person, if your happiness is totally relying then you are definitely a load on them. don’t do that! this phase will make you learn this! to be happy by your own so that when someone will become a part of you your happiness will be increased and when they’ll leave will reduce but not completely gone! i hope you are understanding! stop expecting your happiness from world outside it comes from world inside, people can love you but situations are not always same, its uncertain, and accept the fact that people will go/change eventually with time, all in all you have or remained with is YOU, so just trust the process, come out of this :)