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Well I’m a teenager. I just got of a really healthy relationship with the sweetest guy ever and I broke it up because I couldn’t forget my ex completely and I thought that somehow i have cheating on him or not being honest. I liked my boyfriend alot but my ex was my first actual love. And my ex is my mate now but he always keeps triggering memories and making me want to get back again ! I kinda want him back but we are toxic ig. And this guy with I dated later loves me still and he is too good but I just can’t love love him like the way I loved my ex. I’m really confused and guilty…what should I do? (please don’t think that just because I am a teenager this all is childish)

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Jayesh @jayeshb20

No it’s not it’s a feeling


Well probably if you think your ex is toxic don’t go back with him it may be hard to move on but I know you can so feel strong and move on and then that guy you’re telling about if you think he is a great guy be with him probably then maybe you will forget and if you don’t cuz your ex memories are coming so then try to move on then after that first love yourself like give time for yourself to be okay and after that only date someone hope this works for you♥️


yes thanks for the advice


Yes hope you be happy again🙂♥️


What you should do is invest time in yourself. Forget your ex and your ex-ex for some time. You are a teenager. You have so much to enjoy, so much to see and explore. If you were in a toxic relationship, stay out of it and give it some time. Sometimes, people change over time. They become more mature. Sometimes, even feelings evaporate.

Also, you can continue talking to the guy who was really sweet to you. Just be friends with both of them. See how everything pans out in a couple of months. Focus on yourself, and let time do its magic. Take care.


yes i can do that… thankyou


Can we talk about this somewhere else if you want that?

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