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We broke up 6 months ago , the time I regret why we end up like this we never argued , we have common point of view, i really like him so much , common interest he is like prefect person for me but I broke up because he cheated on me I discuss about .it he said " I am not cheated on you it’s just a mistake ". Then he proposed my mutual friend she gave me the avidence also I saw their pics thier chats I broke with him after a fight and I end my friendship with that girl also , now I move on , but still I feel sad when ever I think about him , and now he dated my childhood friend he also text me on instagram like normally he talked me 6 months ago I really feel sad to see him . Why things getting worse I never wants to face Him again what to do i have no idea

Post anonymously?

dear, if a guy cheated on you then he wasn’t the right one. you are very lucky to find out his dark side before it’s too late. just remember that you are a very great person and even can be better than him. broke up never been easy, you can cry and get mad as long as you like, just let it out until you become tired. i understand that you don’t want to face him anymore. then you can ignore him and stay away from him. do everything in order to get away from him. put yourself first and don’t be afraid to be selfish for once.

send you a lot of love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


ignoring him is very difficult form me after all he is my first love .I try to stay away from him but we mate at many places and i feel uncomfortable to meet him . but i am still tying to ignore him and I trying to treat him like stranger now but I feel sad also to hurt him either he hurt me or not 😔


thanks for comfort 🙏

…block him maybe? Do what you need to do to heal. You can’t heal in the same place you got sick right? Just take deep breaths. You’ll get through this. Here’s a quote that helps me sometimes “people are in your life for a reason, a season or a life-time.” Remember there is a reason :)


i blocked him , thanks i agree with you i think he had his reason but i feel very uncomfortable around him , he is my best friend’s boyfriend that’s why we mate at many places, I feel very weird and I worry about my friend also she is very sensative person

Does your friend know all this? This could be really important



maybe tell your friend. It could help things