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We all are just suicidal humans telling other suicidal humans that suicide isn’t the option😔

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please please please take 10 deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are a few of the many resources available
Post anonymously?

Will disagree on this!!
This seems to be a thought that you feel everyone keeps thinking about, but in reality it’s just a thought that few people may have during tough times in their respective lives!!
Has anyone got any opinion or experience on what happens when some exercises this option?? Will it make everything good or even worse either??


I say that from my experience , i am suicide survivor and still trying to survive yet i am here telling others that it gets better when in reality it hasn’t for me :)


Well I meant experience of what people call to be afterlife(a myth) which happens post someone takes the drastic step not knowing what actually follows!!

For you my dear I know life is tough(whose isn’t) and you being a survivor until you need to completely overcome such thoughts(which itself is a big task but one day at a time can make things better)

Thinking of suicide as a solution for problems may not eventually solve the problem but may entangle it more!!

Generally every problem has a solution in itself, one just needs to see through it with a calm mind, focusing on the solution, and not constantly thinking about the problem(but finding it’s root cause)

I hope this helps and if you need more time from my end I’ll be happy enough to solve things with you!!
Take care and stay blessed!!Tough times won’t last for long but tough people do!!


I am sorry i am being such a negative person but tough people eventually have a breaking point too
also if you want you can read my life instances from my posts


Do you know there are types of tough people as well:
1) Who act tough from outside but actually aren’t from inside.

2) Those who become tough learning from life experiences of others but once they face issues in their lives they reach a breaking point.

3) Extreme category - The ones who have themselves experienced so much negativity and have had worst situations in life that either there are only two choices left (a) Either to breakdown and let whatever is happening to happen and leave everything on destiny.
(b) Where any sort of negativity doesn’t have anymore effect. More and more negativity pushes this person to generate more positivity as the word negative doesn’t mean anything to him/her as the learnings/lessons have made the person unbreakable under any circumstance

And for your reference you are talking to the last kind of person listed above 3)(b)

I’m going thru all your posts and will get back soon!!