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Unheard shrieks resonating in the psyche,
The voiceless vows are enacting line by line,
Haunted by dreams of perplexed world,
Innumerable strikes on body of mine,
Everybody was there as statues together align,
No word had mumbled, No stands had taken,
Is any crime happening around? Anyways we are fine,
Is it cruelty of others or grievance of mine?
Nobody cares for justice until feel whine.


1 reply

Heartwarming lines…
Very nicely written…

Yes there is cruelty around us
But there is compassion also
Rare to find
But compassion does exist.
It is a faceoff between compassion V/s cruelty.
Crimes are happening all over
Justice is must
But not got that easily…

So with your lines you have described the harsh reality prevalent in today’s times…

Thank you.

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