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U hmm.
I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest for a while now.
I have this friend who had asked me out and I had turned him down because I wanted to focus on other things with exams coming up.
He had agreed to let me be and we went back to being friends until he recently asked if I would say yes to him.
And I’m so not ready to date any one yet but I really want to go out with him.
What should I do?


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You could tell him, that you really respect his feelings, but he should respect yours - so he’s special, meaningful for you and you don’t want it yet to rush things, tell him that you want to get to know him even better, hang out more, that you really enjoy his company, but no yet to be as the couple


We are pretty close and I know how his past relationships have being.
I just don’t want him to feel bad.
Do you think it might tarnish our friendship if I say no.


Try friends with benefits make that helps you


Tell him that, if he really likes you he will understand and wait…