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today i wrote a love letter … um quiet a love letter for my mother lately we both didnt have a good bond … because of my sister sucided … we both blame ourself nd each other for that … i know some things in life are difficult to be forgotten or just to let go of its been 3 years since my sister died … past days I’ve been thinking beside my sisters death there so much she did for me our family my father my sister … my father told me about all her struggles and her sacrifices in the whole life she made just to being with my father [ an intercaste marriage in olden days were hard as of now u think] … so i wrote a letter to her … and left it in the midnight near her cell morning she reads the letter … soon we had a conversation on it … she told me how she cant sleep at night she told me about the guilt she has she told me how nightmares gives her no sleep how overthinking is eating her how she misses my sister every breath … and she almost brusted and so did i … past 2 years we both being fighting depression anxiety and self hatrate but this letter just changed our bond it made it stronger it made me believe i shouldn’t hate my mom i owe her . we been through too much … she is been through toomuch … I’m so grateful that i wrote this letter today …
if u ever think things dont workout give a try to letter writing cause trust me its not a dying art … it is really admirable … do write a letter to ur loved one … let it be anything or lets not have a reason to write one … now m gonna a letter to my mom a letter of love nd appreciation my life long ! so do i recommend u too!
I’m great full for this moment thankyou~

Post anonymously?

So much thanks and you are so brave 😍🌼❣️ More power to you… keep menifesting your powerful positive energy ✨💯


Wow!!! First post which made me smile