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Today i heard someone say that “She has slept with 9 men” whereas im dating a guy since 8 years and i am 20 years old. Lol.

Post anonymously?

FUCK THOSE PEOPLE! nobody has the right to judge you. even if you’ve slept with 9 men or none.


Some People have these superpowers of looking into some people’s past, present and future without knowing them. xD Dont let them get to your head. You are amazing and loved. 😃


Its good that you don’t let it effect you negatively.  People love to gossip no matter if  the news is  true or not . Don’t let it effect you.


Hello, it’s so good that you are committed to a person since long time. Don’t let these gossip affect you. They might not be true. All the best.


Hey… Its good to see that such negative talks doesn’t bother you. And it should be like this only. Don’t listen to people who wanted us to let down. You know yourself that what you are. So just laugh at such people that they don’t have any other work to do . And ofcourse its your life ,you can do whatever you want. 
More power to you girl.