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Today, I had an argument with my father.
He asked me to help him with an household chore. As I was in no mood to do anything, I simply denied it and told him that we can work on it tomorrow.
I was doing a research on something important this whole morning. I was tired. My parents are teachers, they work at an institution 40km away. Since today is saturday, they’ll come home hungry in the afternoon. I cooked them rice and prepared for lunch, in spite being tired.
After the lunch he asked me to help him. When I deny it, he taunts me and accuses me of not helping them with anything. It triggered me so, I said I won’t help them with anything from now on…
I know I am unemployed still living with their money and depending on them for food and all, but it’s doesn’t mean I don’t help. I do help them in certain things. Yeah, and they are really good at making me feel guilty about myself. Like if I make any decision which is against theirs, they will just taunt me, and I end up with a guilty consciousness.
Now, I feel guilty for what I did earlier, and it’s killing me…

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I know exactly what you mean . I’ve been through it too and I’m pretty sure numerous people as well. And I’ve come to the conclusion that parents will be parents.
Now you remind yourself that you have a reason for not doing something and that you’ve helped in the way you can. And that maybe you can do something tomorrow to make up for the guilt. Even I feel guilty sometinesh when I shouldn’t and that’s what helps me.


Just speak your mind nicely, that all you can do, look for occasions to have fun with them even if it is just a laugh. Our lives are short and nothing ever is closer than family, we don’t realize this until we have lived in the outside world on our own…


nopee dude everyone’s parents r the same mine also have the same problem they also do the same to me but in your case what should you do is tell them that you also want to get to a job and constantly working for it tell them that I am a grewn up now and hearing this makes me sad I also wanted to help you but I was busy and totally tired that time and trust me that they’ll feel bout what they did to you