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Today I finally realised a fact that I was hoping would turn out wrong ‘that my dad doesn’t care about me’. well, news flash, he doesn’t. he provides for me and fakes being a good dad in public but that’s it. my parents are finally divorced and my mother will be leaving for our home country soon. she has no one. literally. and this man doesn’t have an ounce of humanity in him to let her stay quietly with her kids. but that’s ok. shes very religious, she believes God has written something better for her and so do I. from this moment forward, I have lost all love for my father, I still love him because beneath all the bad he is a good person, I know that. maybe I’ll forgive in the future but not now. I’m filled with so much resentment and hatred for him and his family members. I just want to run away from this, from everyone. I’m waiting for my scholarship to roll in so I can go live in dorms but then there are my little siblings to worry about. sigh. its just so hard being so annoyingly human right? responsibilities, worries and all that jazz. I just wanted to let everything out. I have exams next week, and of course this had to happen before my exams. I’m gonna study hard, earn money and support my mother. i hope she lives long enough to see that.


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Big hugs to you! You are super strong to face all this and know that your feelings are valid. Its okay to feel all these things pertaining to the fact that your dad has done these things to you. I am so sorry that you have to go through this struggle, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am also very proud that you have thought about forgiving your dad some time in the future, it takes such a huge heart to do that. Work on healing yourself in the mean time, you will get better with time, my dear. Try to make time to do little things that you like, solely for your enjoyment. It will keep you grounded. I hope the best for you and I know for sure, your mum is very proud of you.

Sending you love and light!💛💫


thank you <3


Glad you vented it all out!
Cheer up 🌻
Maybe from now on only good things are going to happen!

I hope you are feeling light after sharing with us.
Do you feel any better?
All the best for your exams! If you worked hard, it’ll turn out good. 🌸💛


Good u did your emotional release here now stay strong n be independent don’t blame anyone for your life


Heyy theree- hope things are going good for you! <3 I completely relate with your story and was wondering if I could talk to you about this.