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today i did my quiz , and i got only 50 while everyone elso got high marks .
i began to hate myself . every single time . eventhough i know i cant do anything . i still want to cry . i think its been a while since i start abandoning my future . i just dont have energy anymore . i hate my life .

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Tanya Singh @dbtanya01


Getting marks lower than your fellow mates doesn’t really mean that you cannot do anything. Why do you have to compare yourself or your marks to anyone? Everyone is unique in their own way, right? How can you decide to abandon your future goals and dreams based on a quiz? Sometimes you do good, sometimes you don’t do so good, but that does not mean that you will start giving up on yourself and your dreams. Don’t let situations like this ever bring you down. You are worth more than these marks. Your dreams are worth more than these marks. Take that quiz again, make sure that next time you do better than what you did before. Take it again after that, and then again make sure that it was better than the last time. Make sure that every time you do better than what YOU did before. Forget about everyone else, and make sure that you are only focused on yourself and your dreams.

All the best!
Take Care!

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Simran @st1199


I totally agree with what she said.

Your competition is you and no one else. You have those skills that others don’t. So, rather than wanting their skill set develop your own and work upon that.


Listen how old are you?


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