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Today I came across racism in my class . There is this teacher named shakida who tried to give marks based on our skin tone ! Yeah I know ridiculous right ?! I am brown skinned and of course she put me just passing marks even though I answered better than any other student . The reason why nobody questions her is because everyone needs a degree and doesn’t want to lose it over some nonsense. What they do to us , hurts us . Russian education system is based on bribery and having a fair skin tone . You heard that right . Even after bribing them , some are just ungrateful and still be rude . They treat you like shit and humiliate you without any reason . Sometimes i feel like i should never have continued my studies . I don’t want to be disrespected and humiliated over small things . It has hurt me million times . I know i am a good student . Honestly i study well . But even after so much hardwork they want to be rude and harsh to us and make us have low self esteem. The thing is you just can’t do anything about it , you should keep getting humiliated and if you ever decide to talk back , you will definitely loose a degree. Some teachers don’t deserve to be teachers and some are just there to earn money . Disgusting! If this has happened to you , you are not the only one

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