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Today a New Year has started and also a New Decade.
Most of us get hurt and disturbed when someone judges us
Or when our family and/or friends or for that matter even any acquaintance or stranger passes some harsh remarks against us.
We start feeling the way ppl make us feel.
We too start doubting our abilities,potential and worth.
Trolling and Bullying pricks.

But the matter of fact is even the most renowned personalities who have achieved so much in life too are trolled mercilessly.
So no matter what you do in life
People will find faults n try putting u down…
Let no one judge you
Because no one is perfect…
Pls donot permit anyone to hurt you…
Live Life On Your Terms.
Do All That Gives You Happiness Because Your Life Is Your Life.
Let this be your new year resolution to feel peace n happiness…
Nobody absolutely nobody has the authority to judge your worth…

May eachone of you n your family have a happy n blessed year and your desires come true…

Take care Everyone

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wow thank you, it’s like your words put their hand under my chin gently and said “you are beautiful” while looking me in the eyes. You’re remarkable, happy new year!!!


Yes friend
You are beautiful,wonderful,amazing n very spl in your own way…
Just be you
That is the charm about you.
Thank you.