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Thoughts brewing in my mind
My brain and emotions always run on other relam sometimes and sometimes I thought something unusual and today I get some interesting thoughts like we give importance our physical health very much and it is also visible so we can see wounds on our body or some ways like fever but when it comes to our mental health no one actually think about it even our own family members look clueless when something like that happens in these days stress depression happens very commonly but we ignore these things our families our love ones ignore these things easily like it is nothing actually I only wanted to talk about family because family is one the first thing we know like there is plenty of moral things which our parents teach us since childhood but most of times we don’t share our basic problems with our family but why ?? We live with them we eat with them but we can’t trust them like they are some kind of our enemies I personally believe our families don’t know what kind of problems we face daily some suffer due to career Related some due to love related and anxiety depression so in these times our mental health is quite fragile so we need someone who can listen us but sad reality is that our own families neglect us or either they are so much obsessed with there pride and respect or society they ignore us sometimes I thought we are most advance generation in whole life but we are also most alone generation too we need compassion character and love but we actually don’t know what is this and mostly we learn things from either movies or somewhere else which is far from reality and it looks life is cruel because sometimes we don’t get support from our families I know maybe I’m not completely right but there is so much truth in this look if you suffer from breakup or someone cheats you would you like to share with you family ?? Just imagine you tell these things to your parents or share your depression or your anxiety related issue just imagine and see how dangrous these things look and i really feel that we just create a barrier with our parents due to our upbringing and yup there is also lack of teaching too if you tell about depression they easily say you harmare time mai toh esa kuch nhi hota so it is hard to tell them about these things What is your thoughts about this guys ??

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Reading your post I am very grateful for atleast to the extent family understands ot at least tries to understand my problems…I am like one of those amidst the process of breaking these barriers I guess.
I completely understand you, it feels so bad and sometimes are relationship with our very own family starts to look unreal , which hurts. And also the generation difference is so real and hard to reduce that gap. Exactly like you said.
Like ven after for example me being with me as I said through my mental health struggles my family is trying to understand me but yet at some level it sometimes comes to" this is nothing ".
It is very important to have a true relationship true love with our family members I mean in the sense it is beautiful if we can have transparent relations with our family members, ironically we have to struggle to have them with our family members itself.
But, I think we should try make efforts and break through these barriers, I know it’s difficult and bohot jhagde and dant bhi padhegi shayad parents se and bohot sari misunderstanding s on this path but I think we should hold on to this path yet because what we finally will is beautiful transparent relationships with our loved ones. But the trick to keep the relations intact is to express our more rational views than the old ones in ways that help them understand and grow more the hurt or sudden hit of news might bring along.
I wish for you to embark on this journey start sharing your inner self slowly gradually with your loved ones, maybe the closest first…
I wish strength for you as you embark this journey.
Remember someday yeh gap chota hoga hi bas hame koshish shuru karni hogi aur karte jani hogi…
And always now and me is there to listen to you when in need. 🖤


Yes i agree with you. We love our families and our families love us but sometimes we just dont get each other’s cry for help. When my sister first announced to my mother that she has started going for councelling, my mother started crying, saying that my sister never could understand her. I mean what the hell is this?? And what does that even mean? Its not like my sister was blaming her for her problems. Then why would she say that? And why would shhe burst into tears. Our parents need to understand that we dont live in the same times anymore. When we face a problem, wwe seek help to solve it, and not bury it down afraid that society will judge us if they ever see the light of the day. That was the last time my sister went to her for anything about her life.
My father has been an absentee figure most my childhood, but i expected more from my mother. Yet it took me to burst into tears one night for her to actually notice that something was wrong. She fawned over me for one complete day and then it was forgotten. Why should it be like this? Every time i go through something i wait for them to help me come to them, but they just never notice. Why should it be like this? I know our parents arent magically supposed to understand when we need them, but they should maintain a close enough relationship with us so that we can actually go to them with our problems. Otherwise what are they doing?

I think maybe our parents care about society and they never accept mental problems and yup they arent magically changes but at least there is some kind of support system in family that if anything happens just share with us and we try to sort out and never judge you for these things maybe our parents need education how to upbringing children I know that is weirdest thing but think about that they treat us as their parents treat them now things aren’t same and we need to change this whole things and we should look forward to educate parents to create a well support system if we can’t then why we need families and I thought I’m the only person think like that but I think this time we need these reforms and thanks for your input


Yes we do need these reforms. And it is true that our parents belong to a different generation and they used to do things differently there. So yes maybe its not really their fault. They do what they know. But they should be willing to learn to do better. They should want to know us better, understand us better. And i have found that one way to befriending our parents is by being their friend first. At least this worked for my mother who is an emotionally dependent person. Once the communication starts, talking about anything becomes easier. And you will find that not only are you being able to share your problems with your parents but they are sharing theirs with you as well.

I really feel glad that it work with your parents and I also wanted to try it and actually with mom it is easy but with dad is quite hard but nevertheless maybe one day things will happens

To start, I still attend my online therapy session hiding and money being the issue my sessions get delayed most of the time as I have to sneak in the money to pay for the sessions.

I learnt a lot from therapy. I started seeing the similarities between people than magnifying the flaws.

It is really challenging to convey what we go through to our parents. I have suffered a huge deal because of my aunt. I know she needs help but everyone talks about how insane she is but no one even thinks about therapy.

Our parents and us have a huge generation gap. We are the first generation to even use mobile phones right from teenage /childhood. In their times, the are kinda ruled by how society thinks. They got through so much silently. So they have this ideology that we can get through too. But we are not like them, our power lies in our voice. Suffering in silence is not good for anyone. This is only based on the people I met. But there are few families who are really supportive.

We are the bridge between the generations. So atleast we should make it a point to not ignore and stigmatise mental health issues.

Its our responsibility too to slowly making our parents understand what mental health is. They need time to unlearn what they know.

Be kind✌🏼

Thanks for your lovely input you are right too but I think I also talk about our family whole family and yup generation gap is always cause problems but talking and sorting is just simple process and yup I know maybe they also did same on our age when there parents didn’t understand them so this is very good suggestion which you give here

I so agree with your last points we need to make efforts to help them learn about mental health and unlearn what they and is unhelpful and not really real…
It’s a bit tough journey…but we can take little little steps and go slow I guess…❤