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This is my first ever post on this platform.
I thought of making this as a memo on a platform where people are more empathetic about one another. Past few days I have been struggling with a lack of confidence on all fronts. I recently graduated from a Tier 1 college and landed a decent job. But I always knew that corporate work culture is not for me. I was simultaneously looking for startup opportunities where I found my calling. I landed a job in a startup that best suited my profile and also matched my wavelength. I am happy working there.
But in recent times I have been getting a lot of hate from my parents for this decision. They don’t find this worthwhile and avoid conversations surrounding it. They always tell me how bad this decision is and how I am going to ruin my career. Stuff like this at times demoralizes me and it tends to affect my work at the company. I try to remain as positive as possible but at times due to surroundings, I tend to doubt myself.


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If you think the decision you took is right and it’s gonna help you then explain the same to your parents. Parents generally want everything best for us so they get a little hyper in these things so I’d say explain them how this would help you. They’ll surely understand. Read books related to self confidence public speaking they might boost your confidence.


Good u r doing something what u like to do. Whatever your parents are saying…listen and say that u will change ur company once u get good experience from the current startup company. Try not to mix ur personal life with professional life. Parents will think from their perspective and what they saw from their generation…they won’t understand the concept of startups. So u can just listen to them but follow your heart and May be later u can find something or achieve success so that you and your parents will also be happy. Just keep growing in ur career… that’s all I can say.


Please donot think much about all it.
If u are enjoying ur work
If u are satisfied with what u are doing…It is perfect…
I know it can be demoralizing…
But sometimes we have to just listen to our heart
Keep full faith in urself
N ur abilities…
Our parents love n care for us a lot
N then want us to choose the safest option …They don’t want us to fall
N the pandemic has made ppl very apprehensive about businesses
Especially startups…
But sometimes it is worth taking risk…
But pls take a calculated risk…
God bless u
Stay strong
Stay confident
Good luck
Take care…


Yeah my parents do this to me too whenever my choices for career doesn’t align with theirs. I don’t even care anymore. They have lived their life and now its my time. So i am gonna do what I want . Call me besharam, idc.