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These days high schools or schools, in general, are becoming highly toxic environments for everyone.
Girls are getting emotionally bullied, emotionally harassed by being slut-shamed and being isolated just because they’re different or they make mistakes.
Why is it the way it is?
I was “slut” shamed for 4 years (grade 7 to grade 10) and honestly, it was extremely unpleasant, no 7th or 8th grader should go through that. One day, out of rage I went up and googled, “what word is the male version of slut” and there was literally no words.
The point I’m trying to make is, as women why do we have to go through so much? Why is there so much pain in our existence? Why isn’t society easy on us? How can we protect the future generation of girls?
I’m beginning to college in a few months and everyone tells me things will be better there. I really hope that’s true because it’s hard constantly fighting like this.


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Its true and I am sorry on the behalf of society. I wish you lot of strength and strong will. And yeah you will get good friends in college , matured ones so you will feel totally normal.