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There was this one book i and my bf made in which we used to draw and write for each other and also some of the letters he gave me was at my place but my parents doubted me and then I have it to my bff to keep at her place and she kept it in her scooter and due to heavy rain fall the book is all wet and in a bad condition my bf doesn’t know about it and I’m on the urge of crying that if he founds this, he will be alot angry and i don’t know what to do im crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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Common how can it be worst then your parents finding about it.
Cry while confronting your boyfriend about it.it may eventually work . He will forgive you 😘

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Yeah he said it’s totally okay he said make a new one with more love in it… But still🥺❤