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There was this guy(a senior at college) 0whom i thought is genuine so i let him comment on my picture and replied at first but things gradually changed and he started commenting more often and i felt he was not genuine anymore( nothing in serious way just felt he might like me in a romantic way). I stoped replying to him as i felt any more of responses would lead him to believe that he should continue persuing me. That was the end if the story… But the main problem was when before some time i and my long distance boyfriend were talking abt this matter and he regarded my actions of replying earlier as an “encouragement” From my side to that senior. On hearing this i felt insulted as if he thinks of me as a 3rd class women. What am i supposed to say to him in return of the embarrassment and hurtful words that he gave me?

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It is not your mistake and u really don’t deserve someone who don’t know how to respect u girl be your own bosses u are not a toyyy

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Haaaaaaaaa I hate sad ending in movies 😤
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I am loved for who I am
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