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There is a guy, we were dating, he is been in a long term relationship before me, so you know ex issues, anyway, he treated me really goood, really good. But, he cheated on me. We hv beem together for like 2 years, I broke up w him 2 week ago, but idk i miss him sm, He was my family to me, my parents got seperated recently so I had him only w me. He wants to be back and idk what to do, I am really anxious. I feel like i dont have a home now!


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In this situation, it’s better to connect with a friend.

Your parents are fighting their own battle and may not be there for you for a while.

Your cheating ex will break your trust again and make you feel even more miserable. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


dont go back, because these things will go in loop again and again.

This happened with me when someone cheated.


Trust is important in every relationship so better you walk out of that relationship.

I understand what you being through…and you feel upset…but are you willing to lower your standard for this reason? He cheated on you and let me tell you my friend Cheating can’t be justified…and you know something heartbreaking?
When he is going to cheat you, he knows you gonna be so broken , that you will get so much heart,your trust will be broken badly still knowing these things he chooses to hurt you ,cheat on you…now the choice is yours…but let me tell you its better to be alone and fight your own battle…than searching for the mate who backstab you once… rest you know the better but i hope you get the words…


How can we expect a dead plant to bloom new flowers?
Go and talk to someone you really trust. Or else just say it out all here. we are all here to hear souls like you. We love you.


Don’t go back. He cheated on you cause he found someone who he felt was better than you. And now he wants to come back makes no sense. If he really loved you , he wouldn’t have gone for other options. I feel the it will be better if you talk with your friends as you said your family is having their own troubles for now. Share your thoughts and involve yourself with your friends.
Take care and Stay Safe 😊.


Don’t have a home ?