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Sky @emotionalpagal

There are lots of phases of life and one is failing in something which you have gave 100% still you failed. Know my thoughts about one phase of life!

Suppose you are in 12th or any other class and you study alot like you would top and succeed in your exam…but eventually you fail it then you decide to study next year again with more intense and give exam but you fail again and this process goes on to 2-5 years, then one day all your mental power is over and finally you decide to change your stream or go out in the world to work and make money …you gain positive vibes again and everything goes good.

Now think same situation as in relationship journey

You are in love and you care, you do all sort of things as to success in your love life but eventually you fail in relationship then you decide to give more love with more intensely but you fail agaiIn and this process goes on and on for I don’t know till when. You need to understand that one day you have to move on in life. You have to see different peoples and be positive. You have to set a different path away from that person. You need to go out in world. Everything will be good at the end I promise.

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Sky @emotionalpagal


I was thinking about my post breakup depression days and this came up… I feel so lovely now that I came out of that. 😊

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It Feels Good to be Back after a breakπŸ€πŸ˜Œβ€πŸ€—
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