the worst part of multitasking is ultimately not get anything done or get anything right. you end up stressing so much over these things and not being able to perform well in any of them

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Take a paper and pen, make a list of everything you need to doโ€ฆ under that write their procedure, in front of the procedure points write the last date and then make another list, arrange everything date wise and start doing your tasks accordingly. Or make a schedule, give 2-3 hours to specific task then next few hours to something different and likewise. And if youโ€™re frustrated then for next few days, leave everything and just relax, listen to some good music and prepare yourself well or upcoming things. Calm yoursekf down and start correcting your schedule. Include some calming activities in your schedule. Manage your time accordingly. Good luck ๐Ÿ˜„

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Anyone here who wants to become a saint?

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